Speech Language Pathology

Language Delay: Speech Language Pathology Programs

Not every child is a chatter box. For some children, language development takes more time than for others. While their friends learn new words and talk for hours about their everyday experiences, some children seem to lag behind in their ability to communicate wants, needs, thoughts and ideas.

Some children find learning a language difficult. Nouns, verbs, tenses become confusing to them. In some cases a child simply needs the basics of the language revealed to them before they make progress.

Helping you and your child understand the differences and nature of language development delays is the first task of our speech-language pathologists. Having achieved this task, they can create an individualized therapy program to help in the development of your child’s language skills. Our treatment programs may involve play, video, imagination, or even using an iPad! With language delay problems, it’s important to make the process as much fun as possible to make learning and development easier.

It’s important that you reach out for help as soon as possible, if you suspect your child may be experiencing language delay issues. For your benefit, we’ve provided you with these handy “rule-of-thumbs” to help you decide whether or not you should be reaching out for our help.

At The Speech Therapy Centres of Canada we know that patients experience long wait times in the province of Ontario before they see a speech-language pathologist via government funding. In many cases the waiting list can be over one year long.

For many parents that wait time is unacceptable when it concerns their child.

We believe in your child’s voice, and we can provide immediate access to a speech-language pathologist to help your child take his or her first steps towards being the expressive and communicative youngster he or she was born to be!