PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES OFFERED BY DR. GOLD at The Speech Therapy Centres of Canada

Dr. Amanda Gold is a registered psychologist in the province of Ontario. She holds an M.A. in Special Education and a PH.D in Psychology from the OISE/University of Toronto. Her past work includes interning at the Hospital for Sick Children and published articles in respected academic journals. Dr. Gold’s areas of practice include Clinical Psychology and Rehabilitation Psychology. She works with children, adolescents and adults.

Assessment and Treatments:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis and treatment.
  • Behavior problems.
  • Learning and developmental concerns.
  • Parenting issues.
  • Mood-related and emotional concerns such as anxiety and depression.

Services include:

  • Psycho-educational assessments.
  • Individualized treatment plans.
  • One-on-One therapy.

Comprehensive psycho-educational assessments roadmap:

  • A detailed initial interview with the parents to determine the primary concerns.
  • 2-4 sessions of one-on-one testing with the child using standardized psychological measures.
  • Tests administered to the child depends on the child and his or her presenting concerns. Frequently assessments include measures of: cognitive ability, current academic levels, memory, fine-motor and visual-motor skills, phonological processing, attention and socio-emotional functioning.
  • Once testing is complete, a feedback session is held with the parents to discuss the findings from the assessment.
  • A written comprehensive report is provided to the parents, including the results of the assessment and appropriate recommendations.

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