Adult Speech Therapy?

Speech therapy isn’t just for children. An adult’s voice is just as important.

Adolescents and adults can face unique communication challenges which may require a unique approach.

While a child’s speech and language skills are still developing, as an adult, your brain and motor skills are more advanced. That’s why we have a very different approach when we work with adults.

Speech therapy for adults covers a wide array of therapies, whether you have a stuttering issue, have recently acquired a brain injury or stroke, or are interested in accent reduction. In many cases, our clients simply want to learn how to speak more clearly and express their thoughts more effectively in person or over the phone. They want to be more confident and assertive with their communication at home and at the office. The Speech Therapy Centres of Canada have a team of dedicated speech-language pathologists (speech therapists) ready to help.

At The Speech Therapy Centres of Canada, we invest significant time in continuous training of our speech-language pathologists in adult communication challenges and therapies so we always meet the evolving needs of our mature clients’ professional and personal lives.

If you feel that you would like to improve your speech, language or communication, we encourage you to reach out to us.

Your voice is important. It’s never too late to start speech therapy and we’re always here to help.

CONTACT US today and book a personalized speech therapy assessment with us!