Speech Therapy Assessments

In many cases, at The Speech Therapy Centres of Canada, we’ll start with an assessment. Here, we discover the nature of your, or your child’s, speech, language or communication challenges. Then we develop a plan of action as to how we can help.

We start off with asking you to fill out a short questionnaire. This helps us get a better understanding of the dynamics that may be affecting you or your child’s communication.

Then we have an interview with you or your child where we get to know you better: your expectations, your concerns and your goals. It’s very important that we understand and get to know our clients in person, since personality plays a significant role in our therapy strategies.We tailor all of our approaches to the individual and to his or her unique voice.

When it comes to children, we take great care in building rapport. This may include playing a short game, telling stories or looking at a book together. This casual interaction plays a central role in helping us understand a child’s use of language and their speaking abilities.

In many instances, there is also a formal assessment done consisting of standardized tests and structured tasks to further help us identify the specifics of your, or your child’s, speech, language or communication challenges.

Once the assessment is complete, we go over our findings and present to you our recommendations. We will then discuss with you which types of speech therapy sessions would help you the most.

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