Summer Speech Therapy Classes for Children, Teens and Adults

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Summer Speech Therapy Group Programs


Location: groups will be held at the Richmond Hill Clinic, 65B West Beaver Creek Road, Richmond Hill, ON with the exception of the accent modification groups which may be held at your corporate location. Please call for more information and to reserve your spot (905)886-5941.

Note: These programs are covered by most benefit programs. Check your benefits coverage to see if you’re eligible.

Social Communication Group : Making and Keeping Friends

Duration: 6 – 1 hour weekly sessions

The Social Communication Group helps children, teens and adults with ASD, ADD, ADHD, social anxiety and acquired brain injury develop the skills necessary to communicate in social contexts. This comprehensive program helps children develop the skills necessary to communicate in social contexts.

Your child will learn how to:

  • Start a conversation
  • Take turns while speaking
  • Interpret non-verbal communication (i.e.: gestures, facial expressions)

This fun and engaging program will help your child build social skills, social confidence and friendships, both in and out of school!  They’ll discover how to make new friends, express themselves, and enjoy the world around them.

Groups for Ages 3-4 Years, 5-7 Years, 10-12 Years and 16 – 23 Years

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The Meet up – Social Group for Teenagers 13 – 16 Years Old

Duration: 6 – 1 hour weekly sessions

Does your teen have trouble meeting people and making friends?

Our new exciting program- THE MEETUP – will help your son or daughter learn the skills they need to help build a happy and satisfying social life.

What is The MEET UP? It’s a is fun and interactive group led by a registered Speech-Language Pathologist that helps teenagers to develop the tools they need to get along and be great communicators.

What do teens love more than movies and YouTube? This program uses multimedia to teach effective social communication. Skills gained include:

•How to start and maintain a conversation
•Turn Taking

Making Learning Fun: Emergent Literacy and Print Awareness Group

Duration: 6 – 1 hour weekly sessions

The Emergent Literacy and Print Awareness Group will help your child with their language and communication development. This program has been designed specifically for children entering school for the first time,  the program will:

  • Assist in the development of print awareness
  • Include suggestions on how to create a literacy-rich environment
Ages 4-5 years
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Is your child about to start pre-school or kindergarten? Are you concerned about their ability to communicate at school?

SUMMER COMMUNICATION BOOST has been designed by a registered Speech-Language Pathologist (S-LP) to help children improve their communication skills before they begin school.

The program is for children under the age of 5 who are not reaching these communication milestones:

  • Mild to moderate speech delays
    • e.g., by age 3, child is not using the m, t, d, n, h,       w sounds
    • e.g., by age 4, child is not using k, g, f, s sounds
  • Mild to moderate language delays
    • e.g., by age 3, child is not using I, me, or my
    • g.g., by age 4,  child is not using plurals,       possessives


Summer Communication Boost includes an assessment with an S-LP and a treatment program of 5 therapy sessions with a Communications Disorders Assistant (CDA). Every session will include home practice activities. BONUS: Parent & child will be given a work-at-home plan at the end of the program.

How do I know if my child could benefit from SUMMER COMMUNICATION BOOST?

If you feel your child isn’t speaking clearly enough or hasn’t developed the vocabulary or communication skills that will help them to be successful at school, then SUMMER COMMUNICATION BOOST may be just what they need.

But I can’t afford therapy!

We have designed and priced this affordable program to ensure that as many children as possible can receive speech therapy.

The total cost fits within the allotted budget of most benefits programs.



  • An assessment with a Speech-language Pathologist (S-LP)
  • Five 45 minute one-on-one treatment sessions with a Communications Disorders Assistant (CDA)

When: ongoing throughout the summer

Where: STCC clinics throughout the GTA

Please call the office at 905 886 5941 for more information and to book your first appointment.



Adult Programs

Accent Modification

Duration: 8 – 2 hr weekly sessions

Good communication has so many benefits in the workplace and beyond. When people communicate better, they enjoy improved self-esteem and confidence, which in turn results in better job performance and satisfaction. 

If your first language is one other than English this group program will help you to communicate better in English and achieve a more neutral or ‘Canadian’ accent. 

The goal of this group program  is to increase efficiency in communication.  By improving these skills you can interact more easily and effectively in a business  and social environments.

The program will cover accent modification, Canadian English vocabulary, and subtle socio-cultural communication components, such as body language, that are important for the workplace.

Call for dates and times

Think this program would be great at your office? Inquire about our corporate programs for seven or more participants.

Voice Program

Duration: 6 – 1 hr sessions

Is your voice important to your line of work? (1 hr session)

  • Have you ever lost your voice?
  • Does your voice sound hoarse after a day’s work?
  • Do you feel muscle tension in your throat?
  • Are you a teacher, telemarketer, lecturer, public speaker or singer?
Do you have good communication skills, but want to improve the:
  • Health of your voice
  • Stamina of your voice
  • Clarity of your voice
  • Power of your voice
  • Expression of your voice

Our Speech-language pathologists will incorporate a variety of voice treatment methods to help strengthen your voice.

Within this dynamic group setting, you will experience an individualized treatment experience. 

  • Learn about your voice
  • Obtain recommendations on how to keep your voice healthy
  • Learn and practice vocal exercises
  • Get help for individual challenges and learn new skills and techniques

Call the office at (905) 886-5941 for more information  and to reserve your spot.