Communicative Disorders Assistants (CDA)

Communicative Disorders Assistants hold a graduate certificate that allows them to work alongside speech language pathologists as Speech-language pathologist assistants. CDAs work under the guidance of a speech-language pathologist to implement the individualized treatment plans specifically developed for clients. Communicative Disorders Assistants do not perform assessments or set therapy goals but are a are a vital part of the therapy team.

The Speech-language Pathologists at STCC work closely with our CDAs and have understand their value in making the most of therapy time with clients. When a CDA is engaged in the therapy process, the supervising SLP lays the foundation with the CDA to ensure that the desired outcomes of speech therapy intervention are met. This includes reviewing the client files and history, discussing treatment goals and assigning tasks .

Creating this additional level of service delivery means that the STCC team of professionals is able to provide a customized plan and excellence in quality of care for clients—with flexibility and on their terms—whatever their needs.