Speech Therapy Centres of Canada Founders

Jack ShapiroJack Shapiro

“When we created The Speech Therapy Centres of Canada we had envisioned a company where people in need could receive services where and when they needed it. The climate in Canada for speech and language services has been one of long wait lists and few services. We knew that we could make a difference. Helping people has been our focus and I feel that thus far we have been successful.”

Jeanette Podolsky

Jeanette Podolsky
Clinical Director & S-LP

“A passion of mine early on was to make a difference in people’s lives. Starting The Speech Therapy Centres of Canada has given me the opportunity to do just that. Creating an environment where The Speech Therapy Centres of Canada team is a real extended family has made my job easy. The collaboration amongst our staff affords our clients the ability to receive the combined knowledge of the team. Helping clients reach their potential is a common goal amongst all of us.”