Speech Therapy for Adults
Speech-language pathologists (S-LPs) are trained to work with people on a variety of workplace and social communication skills. One of their strengths is helping those whose first language is not English communicate better in English and achieve a more neutral or ‘Canadian’ accent.

It’s a common belief that it is difficult to change an accent when the second (or subsequent) language was learned after early childhood. However, working with a speech-language pathologist can help improve pronunciation and be better understood. The aim of accent reduction is not to erase the accent but rather to make sure it doesn’t prevent a person from clearly communicating thoughts and ideas with confidence.

Speaking clearly involves pronouncing the individual sounds according to Canadian English as well as using the correct rhythm, stress and intonation. A large part of the meaning of speech is conveyed by rhythm and tone of voice – in other words the “music” of communication. S-LP’s have training in the sound patterns of English and how sounds are physically made. Learning the individual sounds of English is only part of the Speech Therapy Centre’s accent modification program. Some other components include working on Canadian English vocabulary, specialized workplace vocabulary, presentation and phone skills.

Benefits from the Accent Modification Program include the following:

  • Increased ability to be understood by others
  • Increased confidence when speaking in English in a variety of settings e.g. workplace, with friends
  • Increased ability to understand English
  • Increased ability to be understood on the phone
  • Ability to enjoy communication in a variety of settings

The Speech Therapy Centres of Canada’s program includes eight weekly sessions and can be given individually or in groups. Corporate services are available in workplace settings.

Good communication has many benefits in the workplace, social and community settings. Speech-language pathologists have the unique skills to teach accent modification. It is through this program that our clients can learn to communicate more effectively and easily at home, the workplace and in the community as a whole.

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